How Do I...

  1. Contact the Police Department

    Use this form to contact the Police Department.

  2. File An Online Report

    Follow this link to file an online, non-emergency report.

  3. Print a Traffic Collision Report

    Use this page to print a traffic collision report from home.

  4. Register & Pay for Abandoned Property

    Find out how to register, and pay for, abandoned property.

  5. Report Graffiti

    Report graffiti to Colton's Department of Public Works.

  6. Request the Honor Guard

    Request that the Honor Guard of the Colton Police Department attend your event.

  7. View Crime Statistics

    Take a look at data about crime in Colton.

  8. View Press Releases

    Read through press releases.

  9. View Staff Information

    Utilize the staff directory.

  10. Request Public Records