Memorial Day Weekend 2013 Off Road Enforcement Detail
The Colton Police Department, San Bernardino Police Department (mounted unit), and San Bernardino County Code Enforcement deployed combined resources to the Santa Ana River basin to enforce municipal and county codes in an attempt to protect the wild life environment, reduce off road accidents, and prevent crime. This effort and request for allied assistance was made due to the expectation of a large amount of illegal riders for the Memorial Day Weekend and the size of Santa Ana River wash. Officers issued 34 citations, made 3 arrests (vandalism and drug possession), and towed 1 vehicle.
Police Officer & Trailer
Command Center
Police Horse
Detectives Meet With Cooley Ranch Residents
Meeting in parkOn the evening of April 26 2012, a meeting was held at Rich Dauer Park that was organized by a local resident, Georgia Villalpando, and representatives from the Colton Police Department were invited to attend. Ms. Villalpando organized the meeting to bring information to the residents in the Cooley Ranch area regarding the increase of crime. Representing the Colton Police Department's Detectives Division were Lieutenant Chuck deDianous, Sergeant Jim Jolliff, and Detective Eric Campa.
Community Gathering
Covering Important Information
The meeting was attended by about 100 or more local residents. During the meeting, we covered the following information with the community:
  • Between January and April 2012, there has been a significant rise in burglaries in the Cooley Ranch area.
  • There have been 152 reported crimes consisting of burglary, robbery, grand theft auto, and recovered stolen vehicles during this same time period.
  • Residents were told about the identification of two burglary groups in the area and that the most prominent type method used was a "knock knock" burglary between the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. This type of method is when a group of 2 to 4 suspects (with possible access to a vehicle) knock on the door to see if anyone is home and then enter the residence through a rear door or window.
  • Residents were also shown how to access the Colton Police Department website for crime mapping, press releases, and the new activity log features.
Question & Answer
This was followed by a question and answer period between detectives and residents. Among our messages to the community that night, we stressed that the best defense was to get to know your neighbors and report any suspicious activity, even if you want to stay anonymous. At the conclusion, 60 residents signed up for a group email where they would be given important information involving recent crime trends in their neighborhood.
Meeting with the Community
Organize a Neighborhood Meeting
If your local neighborhood would like to get together and have the police come and discuss issues of concern to your local area, please contact us by email or call our main phone number, 909-370-5000. We cannot organize your meeting for you, but will be happy to get the opportunity to come and share information with you and hear your concerns.